Summer Camps & Festivals

Camp Workshops for Flute Making and Instruments

Flutes Across The World offers workshops, classes and hand-on making of a variety of different flutes that campers decorate, design and learn to play.  Our programs are tailored and specifically designed to fit the needs and daily schedule of your camp, be it a residential weeklong camp or day camp. 

We have developed many other world instruments to make and learn to play in our masterfully guided workshop sessions including Greek or Andean style pan flutes, Yaqui water drums from Mexico, traditional Hawaiian nose flutes, American cheater spoons, Native American Gabrielino style clap sticks and African American diddley bows.  You can even create Found Sound Sculptures from recyclable materials, junk and trash!  We offer many more traditionally-based world instruments workshop ideas than we can list here. 



Presented by master artist John Zeretzke, your participants can experience the Winds Across The World performance or the award-winning World of Music performance.  These educational and entertaining concert performances will surely leave your campers in wonder and awe of the amazing sounds of over 30-40 exotic instruments from around the world.  It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you can provide for your campers that should not be missed.


World Flutes Festival Booth

Have your festival participants gather around our tables at your festival to learn about Flutes Across The World programs and our international world wide music missions.  Participants can also make a simple bamboo flute right at the tables.  We provide the natural bamboo - Spanish/California arundo donex - to sand, file, decorate and make a simple neck strap so your guests can walk away with a flute to play.  If they want, they can give it back to us to go on a music mission.













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