National & International Music Missions

Once the flutes are created by our students and campers in America, they will go out to children in other parts of the world.  We also continue to reach out to children within our own borders, including music missions designed to reach Native American populations and other groups within the USA. 

Children reaching out to children.

Our missions go light on staff, with flutes being accompanied sometimes only with John Zeretzke to lead workshops and help distribute the flutes to other children.  We partner with many organizations and on the ground personnel to defer costs, to help with transportation and accommodations, and to provide security and safety information as we travel to different regions to work with children in hospitals, orphanages, schools and other outreach programs.

Children who receive the ‘giver’ flutes are given instruction and technique in playing their new flutes.  They are introduced to ancient wind instruments from other parts of the world and sometimes engage in making their own flutes from simple materials.  Ongoing instruction is carried out by our Flute Ambassadors when we are able to establish a relationship with local music teachers within a region.  High Impact music missions and sustainable, with on-going programs, are part of our overall vision and current music mission work.



Flutes Across The World has conducted educational and outreach music missions to many different regions of the world:






Lakota and Apache Nations


United States






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