Community & Family Night Events


Our Family Night programs gets children, parents and school staff all involved by participants coming together for a fun-filled evening of Flutes Across The World.  You will hear and see a short presentation about Flutes Across The World music missions and the work we do along with a sharing of the amazing stories that happen on our world-wide music missions.  You will hear a demonstration of ancient, rare and exotic flutes from many countries around the world that will leave your heart and mind in a peaceful place.

Participants will make two flutes – one to keep, one to give away at the end of the evening.  Maybe parents will just want to assist their son or daughter. They will decorate their flutes with ancient patterns and symbols, write a short note to their unknown ‘flute friend’ to roll up inside the flute.  Each flute participant can then have their photo taken.  We will laminate it and tie it to the ‘giver’ flute.  Off it will go on a musical mission!

Flutes Across The World offers this event as a high impact, engaging, joyful, thought-provoking and culturally-based learning opportunity for people of all ages.

“The Flutes Across The World Family Night program is an excellent example of humanity at its finest…it’s an incredible program”

            Stacie House, PTA, West Creek Academy, Valencia



We offer the opportunity to hear the creator of Flutes Across The World and award-winning artist educator, composer and performer, John Zeretzke, share stories, perform short solos and share the vision and message of this unique program in an inspiring and magical presentation to your guests, service club or special event members.  His experienced touch as a performer and master storyteller will captivate and deeply move your guest listeners.  You’ll travel with him to distance lands and experience the simple wisdom that only children can impart in their youthful ways.   Your journey will end as you are carried off on the entrancing sounds of ancient wind instruments that you have probably never witnessed before in your life. 

We are happy to discuss with you your ideas for Mr. Zeretzke to present at your club or event as a donation to the outreach programs you provide to your local participants and guests.



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