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Learning, giving, supporting others and gaining compassion through music and the arts.

A Simple Gift - Flutes to the Philippines 2016

Please donate to our upcoming music missions to the Philippines in 20016!

John Zeretzke's previous missions were such a success that there was substantial groundwork laid for an even more adventurous and encompassing tour of the specific regions in the Philippines, along with developing a training program for local teachers to continue the program.
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Flutes Across The World is a 501c3 non-profit NGO based in Ojai, California
Flutes Across The World

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Educational & School Programs
Workshops and residency programs for students and teachers.
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National & International Music Missions
Music missions and stories connecting children around the United States and the world.
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Community & Family Night Events
Flute-making family nights, special concert programs or guest speaking.
Summer Camps & Festivals
Summer Camps & Festivals
Camp programs, scouting and festival events.


Flutes Across The World
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